Today we are taking a little break from my ‘potatoes in disguise’ posts.

When I wrote about discovering that carrot tops were edible

and could be transformed into pesto (recipe found here)

my husband and co-captain, François,

commented that it would be great used in a pizza,

his all time fave food.

For a while now he has patiently put up with my food mood ‘du jour’,

Day after day he has waited patiently for his pizza,

…until tonight.

Tonight Galley Kat was told


So today’s recipe is brought to you by Captain’s Ultimatum.



makes enough for 5 small pizzas


what you will need

1 recipe for carrot top pesto, 1/4 – 1/2 cup (found here)

or just enough to smear on each base.

5 Naan bread rounds

2 cups grated fresh mozzarella

6 canned artichokes, quartered

6 little Bella tomatoes, quartered

Several fresh basil leaves

sprinkling of dried chilis (optional)

olive oil, hot sauce and extra chilis for serving

for the making of
Preheat oven to 425 ° or your grill on high.
Gather all your ingredients together.

Spread pesto amongst the 5 rounds.
Follow with the cheese,
then arrange tomatoes and artichokes.

Grill or bake for 5-8 minutes until cheese melts,

and edges of Naan begin to brown.

Dress with chilis, fresh basil and olive oil.

Perfectly easy week night supper.

4 responses to “CARROT TOP PESTO PIZZA”

  1. Patricia says:

    So, what do you think makes a better base for the mini pizzas, naan or pita bread?

    • mm Galley Kat says:

      If we are talking about home made pita I’m not even sure I have noticed a difference as mine usually end up a little on the thick side. The store bought pita gives a thinner crispier result. Naan is more like pizza crust. On the grill I’ve found the Naan holds up better. But hey it’s pizza…all good.

  2. The Naan Bread made an easy dough pizza to be prepared on the boat, the carrot pesto pizza top is an interesting alternative to the traditional pesto. The result a very light, healthy and tasty pizza. Merci!

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