A friend sent me this recipe and honestly, I can’t get enough of them, and I can’t for the life of me imagine why I would ever buy bagels again. Far too easy…and by that I mean really easy.  I clocked myself from ingredient mixing to snapping photos. Thirty minutes folks. THIRTY! And that included twenty minute oven time. My only complaint is that the recipe […]

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When I received this recipe from Melina, I immediately thought comfort food.  It’s simple in ingredients and preparation and reminds me of something a Gramma would make.  And sure enough she mentioned it was a favourite recipe handed down from her Eastern-European Gramma to her Momma to her, a dish she falls back on time and time again.  Oh the memories that must evoke! So […]

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I’m getting all fancy with my veggies in the galley today.  Not time consuming fancy.  Nor am I using weird and wonderful ingredients.  But by the time I finished making, then consuming this ultra-delicious dish, it felt very fancified.  I even poured us a glass of crisp white wine to go with to feel extra fancy pants fancy. A lowly head of cauliflower, a package […]

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Things are exploding in my galley again today folks, thanks to my friend Joan for the initial idea of JOAN’S TACO BOMBS that started me on this bomb-making quest.  We now have one more lunch, dinner or appetizer type bomb to add to the repertoire with SPANAKOPITA BOMBS for a taste bud explosion.  And we have BREAKFAST BOMBS to begin the day […]

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IRISH ROUND-UP + bonus recipe

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Happy March to you all, Galley Peeps.  For most of us in the northern parts of the world it’s a month we all look forward to, regardless if we’ve had our last snow fall or not.  We know that gradually those dark winter days will turn into days that are longer and longer, warmer and warmer. Several birthdays to celebrate […]

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Hello there my Galley Peeps. I’m back to my regular weekly routine with one more recipe to add to your Galley Kat Bomb-making series.  Very similar to my SPANAKOPITA GRILLED CHEESE but in this form…tangy flavourful filling wrapped in an easy to make dough…it’s more portable.  Reducing the size as I did with the BREAKFAST BOMBS you have an on-the-go little hand pie. These are perfect […]

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MUFFULETTA – sandwich of the Cajun Gods

Happy belated Mardi Gras to you my Galley Peeps.  I hadn’t planned on writing this one up for you guys because, well, it’s just a sandwich. The plan was for one more ‘bomb’ recipe (my last two JOAN’S TACO BOMBS and BREAKFAST BOMBS in case you missed them) but someone asked for the bread part of this recipe so I thought, why not?  It really was a […]

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Top of the mornin’ to you my Galley Peeps! Tomorrow is  Pancake Day and I’ve put together some of my Galley faves for you. I remember Pancake Day or as some call it Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, being one of my favourite Mommy-meal days…pancakes and sausage…pancakes and bacon…all smeared with butter and smothered in maple syrup. Sometimes, I would accompany my Dad on […]

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Taking a break from bomb making this week (last posts here in case you missed them: JOAN’S TACO BOMBS, and BREAKFAST BOMBS ), I dove right into this delicious looking recipe for kibbe sent in by one of my Galley Peeps.  A type of meatloaf with  Middle Eastern flavours.  Wonderfully seasoned, oh so good and relatively simple to throw together.  I considered using other ground meat […]

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You’ve caught me bomb making in my galley again and today is all about starting your day with a big bang.  Those Taco Bombs from last week’s post were good weren’t they?  Didn’t try them yet?  Well scoot on over there for JOAN’S TACO BOMBS,then come right back to check out these lovely little breakfast treats. I made the same yogurt/flour dough from Joan’s Taco […]

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