Most of the time our onboard meats are grilled on the barbecue.

Captain Francois (AKA Captain Cook)

is usually the one who ‘mans’ that appliance.

But today the weather was rainy,

we had taken the barbecue down

to mount the full boat enclosure

and I had already taken our proposed grilled salmon

from our home freezer to marinate.


Being the resourceful Galley Kat that I am

(or have to be on a boat)

I wrapped those sweet juicy jewels of the seas

in foil…

…and cooked them on the stove top.
2 salmon filets
3 tbsp cup honey
1 smashed garlic clove
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp white wine vinegar
3-4 large basil leaves minced
a grind of sea salt and pepper
Place all in a small food bag
and toss to coat the salmon well.
Set aside until ready to cook.
Drain from marinade,
place filets in foil and seal
Cook in the stove top Omnia over medium low heat for 12 minutes
(depending on the thickness)
Easily done in a conventional oven at 350 ° in the same amount of time
but with no onboard oven and not the best day to barbecue
it was a proud accomplishment
to produce such a tasty meal
stove top…

Served on a bed of sprouted grains,

(cooked in just a few minutes in the pressure cooker)

a squeeze of fresh lemon,

with a healthy dollop of warmed Zucchini Spread (recipe link here)



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