Recently we had dinner with some boat friends
and were treated to a delicious North African chicken dish
to which they had added some preserved lemons.
The flavours and aromas were heavenly!…
In fact the whole meal was a treat for our palates.
Unless we were living onboard I would unlikely preserve lemons on the boat,
but I will definitely bring some with us for the upcoming boat season.
The process is very easy…
4 lemons + 2-3 more for juicing
1 cup Kosher salt
3 Mason pint jars
Sterilize jars with boiling water and set aside.
Cut lemons into 8ths.
Juice the rest of the lemons for about 1 cup of juice.
Put 1 tbsp of salt in the bottom of each jar.
Press each lemon piece into the remaining salt coating well.
Place pieces of lemon into jars.
Once all lemon pieces are in the jars press down to pack in tightly.
Add 1/3 cup of juice to each jar.
Top up with boiling water to 1/4″ from top of jar.
Push lemons down again to release any air bubbles.
Add lids and tighten.
Put aside in cool dark place for a couple of weeks.
Once opened they will need to be refrigerated.
Once they are ready to use I will post some easy boat recipes.
(am thinking something with pasta,
maybe a salad dressing
or maybe some hummus
and for sure something North African)
Stay tuned…
I added a bay leaf and cinnamon stick to 2 of the jars


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