What to do with cheese and deli meats
leftover from my Italian Easter Pie?
How about a little Mexican Italian fusion?
No real recipe required.
Just load your fave pizza topping on tortillas…
I cooked up some more of my Easy Tomato Sauce,
adding some dried oregano,
a smashed garlic clove
and some dried chilis for a bit of extra flavour and heat…
…spread some sauce on 8″ tortillas…


…added some meats, cheese and sliced black olives…


…topped each with another tortilla,
grilled both sides until golden and melty…


…then served with the remaining tomato sauce.
Now wasn’t that easy?
Grand or small,
on land or on the water,
well-stocked or minimal,
it doesn’t have to be complicated to enjoy the good life.
So make yourself some of these babies,
pour a glass of wine
or crack open your fave beer
and enjoy!
inspired by Kevin at Closet Cooking


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