One more land-based dinner party to plan

before this Galley Kat is on the water again.

Captain’s son will be heading soon to live in Arizona

so I cooked up a storm, albeit a small storm

to mark his departure.

His all time favourite dessert was the star of the show.

Scratch Banana Cream Pie

topped with homemade almond brittle…

definitely not something I would make onboard

for a couple of reasons..

no oven

and we would be eating it all…probably at one sitting,

it was THAT good.

I would be happy to share the recipe.

If anyone is interested just private message me.

The recipe made enough for two 8″ shells,

which I made in throw away aluminum pans

so our guest of honour could take all that left over richness with him.

The rest of the dinner was equally as yummy but a lot healthier.

It was a wonderful evening of sharing…

(recipes to follow)

…and enjoying some very fine wine.

Safe travels Michel!







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