WARNING: no recipe included

WARNING: no recipe included
…Right up there (almost) with Christmas time
when we get to visit with family and friends
we haven’t seen all year.
But back to the present…
Galley Kat is now at the stage when
she can start moving all the cool galley tools back onboard…
…and she is an over-the-moon happy Kat.
And after several months of land-based food blogging,
I am really excited to officially introduce you, my Sea Salt Peeps,
to where the magic happens…in the galley…on the water…
You will get to see that I wasn’t joking about my teeny tiny cooking area…
…My newly re-installed one-burner alcohol stove…
…and my ‘fancy’ red bungee paper towel holder…
(the flowers may be a bit silly but this Galley Kat is craving a place to ‘nest’)
…During the winter months Captain François
made this beautiful enclosure for our little galley cooler,
now securely installed onboard…
(this is where the fresh things reside)
Our boat club is now officially open
which means we can hook up to shore power, and water.
…which means
COFFEE (for those early morning visits)
TEA (bridging the gap between coffee and beer/wine time)
…so far we can only use Keurig mini on shore power
but Captain has a plan to remedy that little hurdle in the future
by installing an inverter…
Our boat, R.E.D. is still perched on her trailer…
…and it will be several weeks before we launch.
…water level on the lake is still far too high…
(launch crane is where land should be
and those stacks you see to the right are the dock fingers –
lots and lots of work still to be done).
…Not to mention the outside work we will need to do
to prepare R.E.D. for when she goes back in the water.
But that’s just stuff, external to the Galley Kat focus.
Since this is primarily a boat galley/cooking-with-limited-resources kind of blog,
I will continue with my fave boat recipes,
but from time to time,
I will include showing you some galley gear that makes life onboard easier.
Some of you land-based people have tiny kitchens.
Some of you are becoming more energy conscious.
Some of you are interested is quick, easy and healthy meals.
Some of you, like us, try to spin something simple into something elegant,
(it’s all a part of creating the illusion isn’t it?)
whether it be with ingredients or presentation or both,
we like to offer to our guests or ourselves something special
without spending a fortune while making the best use of the day to just enjoy life.
So stay tuned my peeps…
Soon this Galley Kat will be hitting the reality circuit…
limited electricity, fuel, water, fresh provisions…
Let’s see if I can translate the last six months on land
into another summer on the water to remember.
Sharing food with another human being
is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly”
~ M.F.K. Fisher


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