A member of a FaceBook group that I belong to mentioned ‘googling’
Romanian Fish Brine
for ideas on how to cook fresh fish.
Curious, I set out on find what this fish brining was all about.
I found several and the following description:
Saramură is a traditional Romanian dish,
generally based on different kinds of fish,
especially in Dobrogea, and dried or smoked meat in Moldova and Transylvania.
Recipes vary greatly, the common part being fish/meat is grilled (sometimes on a salt bed)
and afterwards soaked, spinkled, or boiled in brine or brine-based sauce.
The Romanian word itself means “brine”.
I’ve brined moist and tender pork chops with great success.
and succulent beer brined chicken,
so why not fish?
1 garlic clove
2-3 sprigs fresh thyme
1 bay leaf
1 tbsp pepper corns
1tbsp sea salt
4 tbsp tomato paste
2-3 tbsp vinegar
2 fish filets (I used Haddock for this)
Salt & pepper fish well and set aside
for about 20 minutes while preparing the brine.
Simmer brine ingredients for five minutes
then keep hot while you grill your filets.
The sauce is wonderfully aromatic.
Grill filets on both sides, being carefull not to over do it
because you will finish cooking the the brine.
All you want is a nice brown crispy exterior crust.
Place grilled fillets in the steaming brine
and poach until the flesh flakes.
Serve with polenta and some crusty bread
to sop up that wonderful rich sauce.
To cut down on cooking time,
I quite often will buy the rolls of ready-made polenta.
Just cut off the required number of slices,
brush with oil and grill on both sides until warm and a bit crispy.
Now all we need is our season’s fishing license and a bit of good luck.
inspired by Recipes Fantasy



  1. I've never heard of brining fish and this sounds really good. Added to my to cook list.

    Sail Away Girl

  2. Kathy Haslam says:

    The aroma alone was intoxicating, Elizabeth

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