You might be thinking – A blog post? It’s an egg, you boil it, end of story.
Maybe, but I have 3 issues (if they can even be called ‘issues’)…
1. The cooking time and energy ‘issue’
I’m big on passive cooking which saves energy.
I am also sort of a lazy Galley Kat – when the heat is off I don’t have to pay as much attention.
And why must the water boil for the full 10 minutes?
The answer is, it doesn’t.
This is the way I do it and it works every time.
Place the eggs in a saucepan.
Cover with cold water , cover the saucepan.
When the water comes to a boil turn off the heat (keeping the lid on the saucepan)
In 10 minutes those little eggs are perfectly cooked.
Now my second issue:
2. Removing the shells
Here’s a scenario: you want to make deviled eggs or Salad Niçoise
and the shells stick and ruin that perfect white surface.
I have a solution.
Add a teaspoon of baking soda to the cooking water.
The shells magically slide off.
My third issue is also about ‘the look’:
3. That not-so-yummy looking green/blue surrounding the yolk.
Simple solution…
When the 10 minutes cooking time is up, drain the boiling water
and immediately plunge those perfectly cooked eggs
into cold water.
No more green/blue halo…
After all that talk about making the eggs look pretty
I smashed them
added some chopped onion, mayonnaise, sea salt and pepper
and hid them inside a pita pocket with some sprouts and Mâche
for the Captain’s lunch.


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