Spurred on by our recent visit to R.E.D.

we started working on our future plans…


to help the Captain visualize these plans,

I brought home from a recent trip to the US

and bottle of Goslings 151 proof.

(we can’t purchase it here, but thanks to our friend Pat,

who helped me find the BEST PRICE EVER in New Hampshire,

I secured the mixings for Dark ‘n Stormy aboard).

I won’t even try to reproduce Pat’s version of Dark ‘n Stormy

because even with the right kind of rum,

we can’t seem to get it to the level that she is able to reproduce…

(with her permission I’ll do a post another time

with details about her delicious elixir)


(always a but)

I can offer you an alternative….

…a Livornese Punch…

“Ponce livornese was born in Livorno in 1614,

when a Saracen felucca docked there,

laden with coffee and barrels of rum.

The mysterious scented coffee beans immediately

aroused the interest of several inn-keepers

who tried to use them in their taverns.

They added hot rum to produce a strong,

restorative drink for the shivering sailors

forced to stay on land because of bad weather.”


1 shot espresso coffee (about 1.5 oz/45 mls)

1 tsp raw sugar

1 shot rum (about 1.5 oz/45 mls)

1 twist lemon peel

Place sugar in espresso cup or glass.

Add espresso.

Add rum.

Twist the lemon peel to release the oils then drop in cup.

Drink immediately!

Captain’s choice comments:

” Bring on the bad weather!”

…these should come with a warning…

consume at port, at dock, secured anchorage only!…

(you have been warned)



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