CAPTAIN COOKS: Grilled Blood Orange Whiskey Cocktails

CAPTAIN COOKS: Grilled Blood Orange  Whiskey Cocktails

Time to fire up that barbecue Galley Peeps..

…but a little warning should accompany

this delicious recipe from the Captain…

The obvious,

1. if on the water make sure you are safely at anchor for the day.

The not so obvious,

2. if on the water and back at the dock, the aroma of oranges on the grill

may bring forth guests for cocktails, it was that intoxicating.


3. if on land camping or RV-ing,

#2 above may apply to your neighbours and resident wild life.


2 servings

2 Blood Oranges

4 oz Whiskey

2 dashes Peychaud Bitters or Orange Liqueur

fresh Rosemary for garnish

Cut the oranges in half and place cut side down

on heated grill until mildly charred and caramelized.

(keep an eye out for convergence of dock people and bears)

Divide whiskey between two glasses.

Add 1 dash of bitters to each.

Juice orange halves and divide juice between each glass.

Add ice and garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

inspired by Cooking Stoned


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