Chilly nights call for warming drinks.

According to mixologists

a Bullshot is typically made with spiced up beef broth

and vodka.

I however decided we needed another serving of vegetables tonight

(potato-based vodka doesn’t count)

so added tomato juice as well.

More like a warming Bloody Mary.

This is also wonderfully satisfying without the vodka.


(makes about 48 oz)

20 oz of beef broth

20 oz tomato juice

3 tbsp horseradish

10 dashes of tobasco sauce

10 dashes of Worcestershire sauce

lemon wedge for garnish

1 shot of your fave vodka per serving (1.5 oz)

Mix all ingredients (minus the lemon wedge and vodka)

in a saucepan and heat until desired temperature.

Ladle into your favourite mug.

Add vodka.

Dress with a lemon wedge and enjoy.

Feels like a warm hug on a cold evening doesn’t it?



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