I bought a small package of chia seeds
the other day at the market after reading so much about the health benefits….
Rich in manganese, phosphorous and calcium (makes my Kat bones stronger)
Rich in fibre (we could all use more fibre)
Packed with protein (have to create some new Meatless Monday recipes)
Rich on Omega 3 (2 tbsp apparently my daily requirement)
and my favourite…
may help combat belly fat
(so I can be that sleek lithe Galley Kat I know is inside there somewhere)
On the back of the package was a recipe for pudding.
Captain loves a sweet treat now and then..
Worth a try…
2 servings
1 cup soya or almond milk (I used sweetened chocolate soya)
4 tbsp chia seeds
Mix together
Stir occasionally over a 40 minutes period.
The mixture will become thickened, similar to tapioca.
Top with slivered almonds.
(I thought of maybe adding a dollop of whipped cream
but then I remembered – belly fat…belly fat)
slivered almonds it is…


Crème brûlée it is not
but Captain liked it
so the ingredients are coming onboard for our
Pudding in a Pinch.

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