I’ve found out through trial and error

that the road to the perfectly easy queso

is paved

not with a good quality cheese

but with good old cheese slices.

I can hear the critics now!…


…cheese slices?

…AKA plastic cheese?

…with a list of ingredients longer than my arm?

By perfect I mean smooth, creamy, velvety, drippy queso.

And another advantage of cheese slices onboard our boat

is that until opened they don’t need refrigeration.

(sad but disturbingly true and not my most stellar healthy blogging tip).



Insert more critical comments here if you wish. I’m good for it.

…but they do make a tasty grilled cheese in a pinch…

(slice a tomato and add some jalapeños or banana peppers,

caramelize some onions and mushrooms,

toast that bread until golden…

…but then I digress…)

Shredded cheese of good quality is great for it’s gooey stretchy properties

but it tends to harden,

become greasy and congeal when it cools.



32 cheese slices

(I chose the white kind because if I’m going to use (eew) cheese slices

as least I can eliminate the fake colouring)

1 cup evaporated milk

1/3 cup pickled jalapenos, roughly chopped

Heat all in saucepan until all melty and thickened.

Pour over your favourite loaded nacho platter,

or serve as a cheese dip for chips.


Galley Kat Note
1. Add-ins that will make your Queso even more perfect:
chopped tomatoes,
sauted onions,
crumbled cooked chorizo.
2. I would suggest when making loaded nachos to avoid the ‘restaurant’ type chips.
They are thin and crispy for dipping
but they tend to get really soggy when piled with all those nacho goodies.
Use the more substantial thick kind.



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