March 21st, 1950,
a momentous day 65 years ago,
the first full day of spring,
Vernal Equinox,
….the beginning of my existence.
Putting that in writing, it sounds SO old!
Have to share a little story with you…
Several years ago now, my grandson asked my then son-in-law how old he was…
Answer: “29”
My granson’s response: “Woo, you’re almost dead!”
Moving on from that mental image,
I don’t feel old
and isn’t that what’s important?
Happy, feeling great, comfortable (relatively speaking) in my own skin (however saggy)
So much water has flowed under my bridge…
So many lessons learned..
So many yet to learn.
Today this post is about me
…only partially because
I have included a great recipe for my faithful Galley Peeps
if you would rather not read my ‘me’ yattering and scroll down the page…
This is how the first day of my 65th year began…
…in the bed, in my 65 year old birthday suit.
Next I heard some ‘subtle’ noises from the kitchen,
but was ‘ordered’ to remain where I was….
My amazingly DELICIOUS Breakfast Burrito!
Well!…this is definitely going to be a future ‘Captain Cooks’ post!

And what would breakfast be without bacon and eggs?

(credit has to go to Meggan of Culinary Hill for the recipe and inspiration,
me for the green eggs,
and Captain Francois for the presentation.


And finally, this ‘just another day’ of mine was topped off by
well-wishes from family and friends who continue to enrich my life.
Some of you I have never met in person
but who I feel that when we do we will be best of friends.


Enough about me?
…well then,
here is my gift to you dear Galley Peeps for your indulgence…
4 oz cream cheese
8 oz feta
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tbsp lemon zest
sea salt and pepper
olive oil
cayenne, chives to garnish


Whip cheeses together until creamy smooth.
Stir in lemon juice and zest.
Season with a pinch of salt and liberally with freshly ground pepper.
Garnish with cayenne and chives
Add a swirl or two of good quality olive oil.
Serve with your favourite crackers.
another delicious inspiration from the kitchn




  1. Mark says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    We love your recipes. You have encouraged us to expand our repertoire. We both love to cook and sometimes we see a post and both of us say, "We gotta try that". We print the post and take it to the store with us. Our recent favorite: PARMESAN-CRUSTED BRINED PORK CHOPS – OMG sooooo gooood.

  2. 1 Happy Kat says:

    Thanks Mark…for the birthday wishes and the compliments. Made my day!

  3. Happy Birthday Kathy! What a fabulous breakfast in bed!

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