JEANNE’S MEXICAN LASAGNA (vegetarian/vegan version)

This was fun to put together.  We love Mexican cuisine and when I received this recipe from one of my Galley Peeps, Jeanne, I thought it would be the perfect dish to prepare in my Omnia stove top oven. The fact that it is vegetarian made it the perfect fit for our current dining life style.  As Jeanne mentioned in her note to me, you […]

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Melanie’s Meatless ‘Meatloaf’!  How’s that for alliteration?  I swear I don’t pair reader’s submissions with names of the recipes.  It really was Melanie who sent me her meatless meatloaf recipe…which by the way is also gluten free, grain free and egg free…as well as being, of course, meat free.  This new trend, shall I call it, on Sea Salt Galley Kat, has sparked some very […]

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This meatless journey just keeps getting better and better.  But with this next recipe, I may have finally been stumped as far as being able to reproduce it in my little oven-less galley. My first batch of Fakin’ Bacon was a huge success done in a conventional land oven.  The rice paper you use isn’t important but I found the square sheets meant less waste […]

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Remember when I posted about some diet changes we have been working on and how I suggested you save the juice (aka aquafaba) from canned chickpeas?  Well this next recipe from the same Galley Peep that sent me her fabulous falafel recipe  will make that wee effort worth your while.  Her recipe was a huge hit at a recent gathering (that recipe can be found […]

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We’ve recently made some changes to our diets.  I’m not exactly sure how to label it or if I should even be concerned about labels.  It’s our business after all…and it’s our bodies we’re filling…but dietary labels are a thing I guess, so let’s call it vegan (imagine me cringing here).  Nothing with a face or mother or their byproducts.  Apparently I can’t call it […]

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Did you ever think you would see ’addictive’ and ‘Brussels sprouts’ coupled together.  Well, this might just be the recipe to tip all those sprout haters into sprout lovers.  Savoury and sweet all in the same dish with a little added crunch of charred Brussels sprouts, it makes the perfect side dish.  But today was to be one of our meatless days and I wanted […]

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Hi there from your absent Galley Kat.  We’ve been so busy here in our little home by the sea that I can barely turn around before another round of guests from away arrive.  I’ve been told to stop being such a good Welcome to Nova Scotia ambassador but when you’re so much in love with living in paradise it’s really hard for me to stop […]

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My daughter invited us to dine with her a while ago and made the most delicious vegetarian meal.  The flavours for such a simple dish were so intense served with a side of fluffy rice and a few squares of crispy salty paneer, I just had to do a repeat performance for the two of us.  My husband, a meat lover, was amazed that a […]

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Hi everyone,  thanks for dropping by… I’ve been a busy busy Galley Kat this week with projects, both indoors and out, screaming to be attacked.  I did, however take the time to write up today’s offering for you… a trifecta of deliciousness… and all plant-based to boot. Tasty veggie packed burger mixture with the added protein punch of crunchy quinoa and salty halloumi….a smearing of […]

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Garlicky White Bean, Artichoke and Broccoli

A very long day, our weekend guests  had just left and I really didn’t feel like turning around and making supper.  Where’s my glass of wine and foot stool?  I’ll just sit here while someone cooks. No offers? No, don’t get up, I take care of it (me walking toward the kitchen). This will have to be a ‘shop my pantry’ meal. I found one […]

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