One of Captain François’ all time favourite soups is Italian Wedding Soup. My version may not be traditional but I love making it because it is so easy to throw together when I don’t feel like cooking… It’s basically the soup base (chicken broth), bits of Italian sausage, some small pasta (acini de pepe or orzo), spinach or other greens, dressed with some Parm. Easy. […]

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When the wind does not blow your way, adjust your sails. The same applies to menu planning on a boat… What happens when the weather turns bad and you had planned barbecued salmon, roasted pepper and potatoes, and grilled corn? ….Lemons to lemonade people… We ran into a fairly hefty storm today. Nine hours of waves, winds and bone soaking rain. Trying to be resourceful […]

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Spicy heat with a creamy texture Gazpacho is a wonderfully refreshing soup served chilled. Perfect on a hot day when you just don’t want to heat up your galley or kitchen. I used a habanero pepper but to tone down the spicy heat, you could omit altogether or use something farther down on the Scoville Scale of pepper heat: GAZPACHO ANDALUZ 4 servings 2-3 lbs […]

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Our steamy summery weather has turned to chilly and rainy which always seems to require something warm and comforting in our bellies. This vegetarian version of boat pozole was made with on-hand ingredients, topped with eggs to give us a bit more protein. The leftovers were equally as good the second night with some leftover shredded grilled chicken added in. Adjust your spices to accomodate […]

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I’m in the soup and sandwich frame of mind today. Our ‘almost’ above 0 °C (32 ° F) temp starts my wheels turning for a boat picnic… Something quick and easy… something portable… Here is part one of my soup/sandwich duo. Warming but not too heavy, buttery and smooth super easy to make, and transports well in a thermos if that’s the direction you want […]

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Dreaming of grilling but these all-too-frequent sub-zero days beg for some tasty warming soup. By the time we get into some warmer weather I’m going to have such a great stash of soup recipes. Here’s another good one for you… a little Italian seasoning, lots of fresh garlic to fight those seasonal demons, pasta, some veggies, and a hint of lemon… CHICKEN ORZO SOUP 1 […]

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SOPA NEGRA (Costa Rican Black Bean Soup)

We just arrived back from the most wonderful advenurous trip to Costa Rica. One of the many things we enjoyed was an invitation into the home of two women who prepared for us one of the most delicious meals we have ever eaten. Costa Rican cuisine at its base is simple and fresh with well-seasoned but surprisingly not spicy beans and rice served at every […]

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…Big surprise… no Pillsbury dough was sacrificed in the process! Captain François is diving into this galley cooking with such enthusiasm! Today I was allowed in for a brief period to bake some boat bread but then I had to retreat. I was allowed to take photos but that was it. He even made our preparing-dinner-cocktails (now that would be a great future post! – […]

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I was distracted today… I call it AAADD (Age Affected Attention Deficit Disorder) You know the kind of day when you start out pursuing one task, then you pass by something that needs to be done, then something else attracts you and you start in on that, and by the end of the day nothing in particular gets done. This was one of those days… […]

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I scored four cobs of corn after our club’s corn boil the other day. It was young, fresh and so sweet. The corn chowder I make is rich and creamy and usually kept for chilly wintery days that call for comfort food but here we are still in the summer month of August and temperatures are already starting to drop. I have made it’s richer […]

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