This has been all over the internet lately, toasting slices of sweet potato.  Always kean for ways to eat more veggies, I was up for trying it.  What got my interest though was how I could translate it to a boat recipe.  We have no toaster on our boat.  There’s just so much that can be fit into the already limited space in the galley […]

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STOVE TOP MEATLOAF (4 recipes in 1)

You might be thinking ‘oh yeah another meatloaf recipe’.  You’re right in that practically everyone has a fave meatloaf recipe.  But this post (as with all of my others) is more about versatility for folks like us who spend a whole lot of time in tiny spaces and especially for me as chief Galley Kat, cooking in wee spaces with minimal resources, next to no […]

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What is it about fluffy white hot dog buns?  Certainly not my healthiest choice of breads but when it comes to steamed hot dogs piled with grilled onions or saurkraut and really good mustard they can’t be beat.  And for some reason lobster or crab rolls fall into that same something-about-comfort-food-and-childhood-memories category. Here you have it.  My little guilty pleasure.  ‘Marshmallow’ white bread hot dog […]

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MEXICAN FRENCH BREAD PIZZA what you will need for eight 6″ pieces 1 French baguette 2 sausages (I used 1 chorizo and 1 spicy Italian) 1 can refried beans 1 cup chopped tomatoes 1 cup chopped green onions 1 cup sliced black olives 1 cup shredded mozzarella putting together some easy deliciousness Slice baguette lengthwise then cut into 6″ pieces.  Depending on the length of […]

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Being able to make meals a little in advance is a real plus in my little galley.  When it comes times to eat most of the prep mess has been cleaned up and I can kind of pretend that someone else has prepared it for me…kind of.  I live a lot in my imaginary world. These yummy stuffed breads are such a meal. Prep, wrap […]

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I’ve been working on ideas for this coming summer’s boat trip using ingredients with a long shelf life while keeping meals easy to make, nutritionally balanced and tasty.  Since April is Grilled Cheese Month, it’s the perfect time to introduce one of our faves to you. These Greek-inspired sandwiches fit all the criteria for  simple galley life: quick and easy, holds all the components of […]

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For the occasion of Grilled Cheese Month, here is a compilation of our boat faves… Simply click on each image for a link to the recipe A little cream cheese added to a simple Waldorf Salad…   Bing cherries pan roasted in Chocolate Balsamic vinegar… Grilled cheese with an attitude… Rich slivers of avocado and leftovers never tasted so good… Open-face on homemade Boston Brown […]

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The process for this recipe may seem more time-consuming and complex for ‘just another grilled cheese’ but I have a plan for you, lover of leftovers that I am.  What began as a soup and sandwich supper will become the base for two more delicious meals. FRENCH ONION MUSHROOM GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES what you will need 2 lbs onions, peeled, halved and thinly sliced 6 tbsp […]

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It’s National Sandwich Day my Galley Peeps and I’m here to offer you a little inspiration… Caprese Sandwich Wrap (your fave salad all wrapped up in a torilla) Cranberry Chickpea Salad Sandwich (so good served with a warming soup) Breakfast Burritos (sandwiches made ahead and served for breakfast) Chicken Avocado Grilled Cheese (just looking at that picture makes me want at least two) Waffled Grilled […]

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When I asked Captain if he had any special requests for supper tonight, he thought for a moment then said: ‘How about Sloppy Joe’s?’ It’s been years since I made these or even heard the name mentioned. It’s a standard kid-friendly-easy-inexpensive-comfort sort of supper. I can’t even remember how I used to make them but remember ground beef and some sort of tomatoey concoction served […]

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