Oh pizza!  That perfect food! That combination of sometimes snack food, sometimes complete meal and in my galley, always reasonably healthy.  I’ve never understood why it’s called junk food by some because when you make everything yourself with fresh ingredients how could this creation be anything but the next thing to perfection ever. Firstly, let’s make the dough. Here is the link to my tried […]

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Starting at the beginning of this month Captain and I began our annual food consumption reset.  I don’t like calling it a diet although to some it will seem severely restricting which in my mind is what some diets seem to be all about.  The Whole30 plan is meant primarily for people who have dietary issues such as gluten or dairy or other intolerances.  We […]

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Today we are taking a little break from my ‘potatoes in disguise’ posts. When I wrote about discovering that carrot tops were edible and could be transformed into pesto (recipe found here) my husband and co-captain, François, commented that it would be great used in a pizza, his all time fave food. For a while now he has patiently put up with my food mood […]

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I asked Francois what he wanted for his birthday supper. It came as no surprise when he asked for pizza. It has become one of our favourite and most frequent meal onboard. Homemade Naan or pita bread is easy to throw together in the morning to have ready for an evening barbecued pizza. (my stove top recipe here ) The plan was to make a […]

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Hey there Galley Peeps! I know I have been absent lately, but we have been on a little summer adventure. If this interests, you click on the link below: R.E.D. sails in the sunet otherwise, here is another simple galley creation, made from scratch, in my little galley, at anchor with the New York Skyline in view. Last night I made Stove Top Pita (to […]

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Out first of the season onboard meal …and my first try out of the new galley stove. While we are on shore power it functions as a traditional stove with an element. While underway or at anchor, it can be used as a typical alcohol burning stove. I brought all the necessary ingredients onboard for a little pizza feast thinking it would be a real […]

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CAPTAIN COOKS: Apple Bacon Blue Cheese Pizzas

Grilling season is almost here Galley Peeps and here is one AAA-mazing recipe to get it all started… APPLE BACON BLUE CHEESE PIZZAS 2 apples thinly sliced 1/4 cup maple syrup 2-4 slices cooked bacon or proscuitto, loosely chopped 2/3 cups blue cheese, crumbled 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella 1/2 cup shredded provolone 2 heads roasted garlic 4 slices Naan Bread olive oil Toss apple slices […]

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What to do with cheese and deli meats leftover from my Italian Easter Pie? How about a little Mexican Italian fusion?   PIZZADILLAS No real recipe required. Just load your fave pizza topping on tortillas… I cooked up some more of my Easy Tomato Sauce, adding some dried oregano, a smashed garlic clove and some dried chilis for a bit of extra flavour and heat… […]

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Have any corned beef left from your Saint Patrick’s Day feast? Well Galley Kat has another good one for you! It’s Irish Italian Jewish fusion and I think the Swiss may have played a part in it too… REUBEN PIZZA 2 cooked pizza crusts (about 10″-12″ each) Russian dressing (see Galley Kat Notes below) sprinkling of caraway seeds (optional) 2 cups corned beef, pastrami or […]

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Here I am again with another great vegetarian meal for you. Just make some extra polenta for your dinner, (my recipe for Creamy Sage Polenta) spread the leftovers onto a baking sheet while it is still warm, and tomorrow night you will be able to enjoy this yummy pizza. It’s not the sort of pizza you can just pick up and eat with your hands […]

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