My sister  made shortcake biscuits for me years ago.  They were so moist, so fluffy, so good.  I haven’t made them in years because we rarely eat dessert but what a treat they were, biscuits cooked in my little stove top oven, fresh fruit drizzled with lime juice and maple syrup, cream whipped to soft peaks. The original recipe is made with Bisquick but I […]

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CLOUD BREAD – an experiment

  Here I am playing with my food again.  This time it’s to find yet another way of providing my Frenchman with his bread fix. With no oven on our little boat, I rely heavily on my Omnia stove-top and occasionally to a lesser degree our back-of-the boat barbeque. Curious about all the ‘Cloud Bread’ recipes floating around, I thought I’d give it a try. […]

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Captain Francois’ comment about tonight’s supper: “If this is vegetarian, you can make it for me anytime!”  Healthy, meatless and really easy to throw together, I made it stove-top in my Omnia Oven. A little sautéing, a splash of wine and some seasonings. The addition of some greens, then packed into a baking dish, topped with potatoes and in just a few minutes it was […]

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Being able to make meals a little in advance is a real plus in my little galley.  When it comes times to eat most of the prep mess has been cleaned up and I can kind of pretend that someone else has prepared it for me…kind of.  I live a lot in my imaginary world. These yummy stuffed breads are such a meal. Prep, wrap […]

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Today this post is brought to you by a guest in my Galley. My son, Luke, is visiting us for the week. He loves to help and is always onboard with offering his assistance whenever needed. This time he donned his fave apron to whip up a batch of some very tasty muffins. They were super simple – all the dry stuff, all the wet stuff, […]

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Who doesn’t like a touch of something sweet now and again?  Add some extra nutritional elements and these little muffins become a very healthy go-to snack or dessert. Chia means ‘strength’ in Mayan so maybe consuming a muffin or two will make us stronger. Delicious eaten warm with a touch of butter or just as they are.  Perfect either way. CHIA LEMON MUFFINS 12 medium […]

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I think Eggs Benedict or any of its many versions is one of our favourite breakfast/brunch meals.  It does however mean several stages of prep and more than just a pan or two to put it together (toasting the muffins, grilling the ham, poaching the eggs, not to mention whipping up that perfect Hollandaise sauce). In celebration of tomorrow’s National Eggs Benedict Day, I threw […]

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Corn muffins are one of the most versatile and super easy treats to cook in my tiny galley.  When provisioning, I make up several individual food baggies of the dry ingredients with directions for throwing them together written on the outside. They’re very moist yet dense, just a touch of sweetness and the added cheddar gives that extra punch of protein. I love making them […]

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BATSARIA (Greek Spinach Pie)

Batsaria = Greek Spinach Pie = Phyllo-less Spanakopita = Mon Dieu Delicious. Being the Galley Kat that I am, that is, always trying to find recipes that can be reproduced in our little boat galley, I have been on the hunt for more hearty tasty dishes that can be cooked in my Omnia stove top oven.  And have I ever found a good one!   […]

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Handheld breakfasts are a real bonus for  busy folks.  Especially important for she who mans the galley but would rather be out sailing.  Healthy, make ahead, this next recipe is perfect for a tasty on-the-go meal. I make them in the evening, clean up all the cooking mess, stash them away in the refrigerator so all we have to think about in the morning is making […]

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