Handheld breakfasts are a real bonus for  busy folks.  Especially important for she who mans the galley but would rather be out sailing.  Healthy, make ahead, this next recipe is perfect for a tasty on-the-go meal. I make them in the evening, clean up all the cooking mess, stash them away in the refrigerator so all we have to think about in the morning is making […]

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What can a can of potatoes, a few eggs and a lowly tin of tuna give you? Breakfast for two for two days, that’s what! One of our last of the last meals onboard before our R.E.D. is put to bed for the winter months. …easy to throw together… ….hearty and tasty…   EASY TUNA FRITTATA Stove top version 4 servings click here for GOOP recipe […]

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Most of the time our onboard meats are grilled on the barbecue. Captain Francois (AKA Captain Cook) is usually the one who ‘mans’ that appliance. But today the weather was rainy, we had taken the barbecue down to mount the full boat enclosure and I had already taken our proposed grilled salmon from our home freezer to marinate. Being the resourceful Galley Kat that I […]

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Recently when doing some searching for more easy onboard recipes using Jiffy Cornbread, I came across several recipes for Cowboy Casserole. I had made a couple of batches of my own clone mix for making Cornbread (recipe here) to bring onboard so thought, why not make this into a Sailor’s Casserole instead using our Omnia stove-top oven?…afterall, Captain prepared our last two dinners, it’s time for the Galley Kat to pull […]

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