DIETARY REBOOT – Days 15 and 16

What an interesting journey this is turning out to be! It’s challenging me to create meals within certain parameters all the while staving off boredom. It does take a bit of extra work and for sure planning and prepping seems to be the key. Having a willing, enthusiastic and focused partner has kept me on track. So at the half way point of our Whole […]

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DIETARY REBOOT – Days 5 and 6

We just finished up the sixth day of  our Whole 30 Challenge and I’m starting to get a  little tired of eggs. I know they are an easy to use and inexpensive protein but really, how many ways can we eat these before we have had enough? This was our view this frosty morning and all I could think was wouldn’t a bowl of steamy […]

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I’m doing the leftover thing today. …leftover stuffing. …leftover turkey. …leftover turkey and stuffing thrown together with a little gravy and a side of homemade cranberry sauce (my recipe here) made a very tasty evening meal. …and all made on the stove top. LEFTOVER STUFFING and TURKEY BAKE makes 4 servings (Yay! leftovers from the leftovers!)   what you will need 4 cups stuffing 2 cups chopped […]

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I’m a big fan of ‘cooking once eating twice’. …Who wants to be in the cabin cooking when you could be in the cockpit sailing?… So planning ahead we have grilled chicken breast, grilled broccoli to add to this delicious and healthy little casserole – Omnia Stove Top style…     Roasted Broccoli, Chicken and Cheddar Quinoa Bake 4 servings 3 cups broccoli florets 1/2 […]

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Another snowy day in the Galley Kat neighbourhood… …and I needed to prepare a box lunch for Francois’ work day. …so I took the opportunity to try out these little pies that I found on the Betty Crocker site They are really versatile: ham, broccoli and cheese, totally veggie, or when limited to fresh things onboard… (tinned cocktail shrimp, lemon zest and drained & chopped […]

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We are just two so unless it is for a dinner party I rarely prepare a full turkey dinner… A good alternative for us is Cornish Hens. They are usually fairly meaty little birds, our local butcher supplies free range grain fed and he is always good enough to cut them in half for me. For these I used Compound Butter slipped under the skin […]

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