Well hello there folks.  Thanks for stopping by today and do I ever have a wonderful creation for you!.  It began with a simple pasta concoction earlier this week using my new spice crush…Urfa Biber (I haven’t yet found a local source but this company provided a very good online service – click here)…it’s a Turkish spice that offers a wonderful hit of heat without all […]

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Hello Galley Folks.  I’ve been working on some not-so-meaty dishes for you.  I try to strike a balance between animal/fish protein and more plant-based meals at least 3 times each week with a soup or chowder meal thrown into the mix.  Plus I know that in a few days we will be so turkey-ed out that we’ll need a little belly break.  This very repeatable […]

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We came back from a recent visit to the doctor with orders for one of us (no names will be mentioned) to cut back on white potatoes, white bread, white rice and pasta.  A 25% cut back he said. So this Galley Kat got to searching through the recipe data base, the pantry and refrigerator to find options for tonight’s supper.  Well!!! Do I ever […]

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Today’s post is all about the cauliflower. So many things can be made with this unassuming vegetable. I think it’s OK to call a vegetable unassuming. One of my favourites is to use it to make a faux alfredo sauce which I mix in with my Three Cheese Hash Brown Casserole (recipe here) And for a low carb alternative to a summery barbecue picnic type […]

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TURNIP HASH and SAUSAGE BAKE (with product review)

Really excited about this post today, Galley Peeps!  I have a new recipe to try out in my Omnia stove top oven and a new galley toy to play with.  I recently learned about this barbecue thermometer from someone on a social media group that I follow.  It’s probe fits perfectly into the lid of the Omnia to monitor the ambiant temperature inside the cook […]

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Happy Meatless Monday Galley Peeps. The following is a little simple economical vegetarian dish for tonight’s supper loaded with lots of rich layered veggies, some eggs, and milk. Even though I now have the Omnia silicone insert, I still prepare the pan with a good coating of my homemade pan release (recipe here)  Topped with freshly grated parmesan. Then baked in my stove top Omnia […]

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There’s nothing more satisfying than a rich, creamy, custardy bread pudding.  It’s like having dessert for breakfast. This was a product of using up some galley supplies.  The last of my farm eggs from happy chickens, some opened canned milk, aging whole grain bread (hard to believe this one slipped by my bread-lovin’ man) and canned peaches (yes, I know fresh are in season but […]

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Quick and dirty is the name for tonight’s supper.  Where we are it’s chilly and we’re tired and hungry sailors. I used quick cooking noodles, some tomatoes and velveeta cheese to made a creamy sauce, added some leftover grilled chicken and cooked it on the stove top. Comfort food at its best! EASY CHEESY NOODLE CASSEROLE   Print Author: Galley Kat Ingredients 2 cups cooked […]

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DIETARY REBOOT – Days 13 and 14

It’s hard to believe we’ve almost reached the halfway point in our Whole 30 Challenge without cheating. Well not entirely without cheating. We weren’t supposed to weigh ourselves…and we did. aaaand… Captain Francois has shed 8 lbs and I, 4 lbs in just two weeks. This wasn’t about weight loss as much as it was about rebalancing our eating habits but the fact that it has […]

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I’m doing the leftover thing today. …leftover stuffing. …leftover turkey. …leftover turkey and stuffing thrown together with a little gravy and a side of homemade cranberry sauce (my recipe here) made a very tasty evening meal. …and all made on the stove top. LEFTOVER STUFFING and TURKEY BAKE makes 4 servings (Yay! leftovers from the leftovers!)   what you will need 4 cups stuffing 2 cups chopped […]

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