I wasn’t quite sure how to categorize this.  Is bread pudding a dessert?  Is bread pudding a breakfast?  You decide. With this simple recipe it’s easy to transition from a tasty ‘breaky’ of yogurt and fresh fruit to dessert or afternoon tea with the addition of a dollop of whipped cream and fresh berries. Cut the bread slices according to how it will fit into […]

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This cake is so rich. So sweet.  So very share-worthy. So what would possess me to make a whole cake when the very last thing I can do during this COVID crisis is share, I had to ask myself?  Oh well!  The next best thing I can do is eat the whole thing and share it’s yumminess with all of you virtually. I made a […]

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Things are exploding in my galley again today folks, thanks to my friend Joan for the initial idea of JOAN’S TACO BOMBS that started me on this bomb-making quest.  We now have one more lunch, dinner or appetizer type bomb to add to the repertoire with SPANAKOPITA BOMBS for a taste bud explosion.  And we have BREAKFAST BOMBS to begin the day […]

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Our apple trees at R.E.D. by the Sea are finished for the season but there are still lots and lots of great Annapolis Valley apples here in Nova Scotia ready for the picking.  So, with guests visiting in the next few days this Galley Kat has been busy…I repeat…busy! ….preparing goodies to welcome them to our little home by the sea. This recipe is not […]

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My this month went quickly didn’t it?  And here we are again into fall and the beautiful weather that comes with it…and October.  October!  I barely can remember what happened in September, the days just flew by. I can see by the most viewed recipes that you too are getting into the cooler weather frame of mind with spicey sauces, apple dishes, belly warming chicken […]

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I have a real mixed bag of most searched for recipes for you this month.  Simply click on the caption below each image to access the recipe.   Top pick and one of our own favourites too, Greek Lamb Stew. Greek Lamb Stew   This Peach Bread Pudding came in at a close second and very timely with fresh local peaches hitting the garden stands […]

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My goodness this month went fast!   We’ve been so busy dividing our time amongst getting the boat ready for her spring splash, preparing for guests and tending to getting our new-to-us gardens cleaned up that it’s left little time for anything else. I did take the time though to put together a list of your favourite Galley Kat recipes for the month of May. […]

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 Here you go my Galley Peeps, the fifth and final rhubarb recipe…although we can’t seem to get enough of this final one.  So rich and dense…not too sweet….the perfect snacking cake. I have a little confession though.  Ours wasn’t totally rhubarb.  I’ve recently discovered that a vile weed, almost alien-like, that has overtaken part of our garden, is actually edible.  Apparently Japanese Knotweed with its […]

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PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES – only 3 ingredients!

Oh how far I’ve come from my early stove top cooking days!  My treasured Omnia stove top oven has been with us from the beginning of our boat obsession…now heading into our sixth season.  I must admit some of my first attempts were a bit rough but hey, it’s boat life…camping on the water.  We don’t need fancy. My previous effort at providing sweet treats […]

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I love all my galley gear, especially my little Omnia stove top oven.  Even though our boat is out of the water for this season, I still use it in our land galley.  And because of our recent packin-up-and-movin-out, it’s been the one appliance I haven’t packed.  Our land oven was scrubbedd clean for the future owner so it became a no cook zone before […]

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