I’ve been trying to become better organized in the galley these days.  It’s far too easy for me to get side tracked by yet another tasty something or other to try out.  It’s why for a brief time I subscribed to home delivery meals…all nicely packaged with just enough for the two of us…no leftovers…so extra bits and pieces to be stored in the refrigerator […]

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So why am I still baking in a stove top oven when I have a perfectly good land galley oven to use you might ask?  I don’t honestly know, except that it’s so darned easy.  It doesn’t take any longer than a conventional oven.  Clean up is about the same amount of effort and I love the economy of not heating an entire appliance for […]

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This is now one of my treasured tried and true recipes from my daughter’s stash of treasured tried and true.  Really easy to throw together, they freeze very well so make a double batch and hide half away out of the clutches of your resident bread monsters. Sometimes my daughter subs the green onion for bits of minced jalapenos and wow, do they ever go […]

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I have far too many blog posts on the go and not yet published.  This isn’t like me as usually I am way ahead with several weeks of delicious recipes post dated.  Is it the country seaside wintery life that’s taking my attention, slowing my steps a little more, making me want to cocoon and curl up with a good book, leading me down that […]

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YUMMY RYE BREAD (bread machine version)

Did I really miss posting last week?  So sorry Galley Peeps.  Time does fly when moving in, unpacking, and nesting takes over one’s life. We are almost settled though…at least the main living areas of our little RED by the Sea.  Boat parked outside, all nicely covered in her winter blanket, her veins flushed through with anti-freeze. I found  great recipe for you on I […]

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I  finally took the time to use my new Omnia stove top oven insert and I must say that I love it!  Cleaning up in our little galley is always a challenge with the tiny sink and hand pump faucet.  We’ve made lots of improvements to our little chalet-on-the-water so that our summer live-aboard life is as comfortable as possible but I still dream of the […]

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CLOUD BREAD – an experiment

  Here I am playing with my food again.  This time it’s to find yet another way of providing my Frenchman with his bread fix. With no oven on our little boat, I rely heavily on my Omnia stove-top and occasionally to a lesser degree our back-of-the boat barbeque. Curious about all the ‘Cloud Bread’ recipes floating around, I thought I’d give it a try. […]

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Today this post is brought to you by a guest in my Galley. My son, Luke, is visiting us for the week. He loves to help and is always onboard with offering his assistance whenever needed. This time he donned his fave apron to whip up a batch of some very tasty muffins. They were super simple – all the dry stuff, all the wet stuff, […]

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Who doesn’t like a touch of something sweet now and again?  Add some extra nutritional elements and these little muffins become a very healthy go-to snack or dessert. Chia means ‘strength’ in Mayan so maybe consuming a muffin or two will make us stronger. Delicious eaten warm with a touch of butter or just as they are.  Perfect either way. CHIA LEMON MUFFINS 12 medium […]

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Corn muffins are one of the most versatile and super easy treats to cook in my tiny galley.  When provisioning, I make up several individual food baggies of the dry ingredients with directions for throwing them together written on the outside. They’re very moist yet dense, just a touch of sweetness and the added cheddar gives that extra punch of protein. I love making them […]

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