Follow my blog with Bloglovin Things are exploding in my galley again today folks, thanks to my friend Joan for the initial idea of JOAN’S TACO BOMBS that started me on this bomb-making quest.  We now have one more lunch, dinner or appetizer type bomb to add to the repertoire with SPANAKOPITA BOMBS for a taste bud explosion.  And we have BREAKFAST BOMBS to begin the day […]

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What perfect timing for this next Friends’ Faves recipe.  Here on the east coast, temps have started dropping and I have so many green tomatoes that will never ripen in their current place on the vines.  Entering onto my galley scene –  Green Tomato Loaf. If you want some point of reference the results are similar to zucchini cake….all moisty and tasty.  The perfect touch […]

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My Happy New Year greeting is a little late, I know.  Stuff seems to always get in the way and before I realize it another month has passed.  I have been busy though, trying very hard to keep my resolutions and am proud of what has been achieved so far.  Decluttering with minimalizing my possessions and consistent exercising tops the list…which is probably why blogging […]

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I have a real mixed bag of most searched for recipes for you this month.  Simply click on the caption below each image to access the recipe.   Top pick and one of our own favourites too, Greek Lamb Stew. Greek Lamb Stew   This Peach Bread Pudding came in at a close second and very timely with fresh local peaches hitting the garden stands […]

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More rhubarb love for you today my Galley Peeps.  I’m not sure how long I can keep going back to my little garden patch and harvest enough fresh goodness for yet another recipe but I’ll keep going until I can’t.  Over the top enthusiasm?  Maybe, but after living in a condo apartment for so many years and I can now waltz..yes, waltz…out my back door […]

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PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES – only 3 ingredients!

Oh how far I’ve come from my early stove top cooking days!  My treasured Omnia stove top oven has been with us from the beginning of our boat obsession…now heading into our sixth season.  I must admit some of my first attempts were a bit rough but hey, it’s boat life…camping on the water.  We don’t need fancy. My previous effort at providing sweet treats […]

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It’s surprising to me sometimes what you folks are looking for when you search for Galley Kat recipes.  Sometimes if runs the line of special holidays as it did last month. Lots and lots of Irish/Saint Patrick’s Day hits.  And I shouldn’t be surprised at the delicious Easter Trifle because, well, it was Easter and it is a truly easy dessert. But why Batsaria received […]

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I posted this picture a few days ago on instagram while I was prepping for the first ever dinner guests in our new digs by the sea. I was honestly afraid I may have to pitch it out because I wasn’t able to find enough lady fingers and I’d already purchased most of the ingredients and started making some of the parts.  As much as […]

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I love all my galley gear, especially my little Omnia stove top oven.  Even though our boat is out of the water for this season, I still use it in our land galley.  And because of our recent packin-up-and-movin-out, it’s been the one appliance I haven’t packed.  Our land oven was scrubbedd clean for the future owner so it became a no cook zone before […]

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Easter dessert this year started with a feed of muffins…all lemony and gingery.  Not too sweet.  Just right. (Recipe here)   Cut into little chunks they made the base for our sweet treat.  And the great thing about this dessert was that each component could be enjoyed separately.  A little muffin with our morning coffee for example. The crème anglaise, made with Bird’s Custard Powder […]

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