Want a back-of-the-boat treat for your next docktail get-together? One that your guests will be talking about for a good long while? This is it! And if you make the main components in advance (steak grilled, tomatoes etc tossed, cheesy base whipped and bread toasted), all you have to do is assemble at the last minute and you will look like the Galley Star that […]

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I’ve really been missing our cockpit dinners, especially cheese fondu. It’s one of the easiest meals. So little preparation and minimal clean up. Imagine a warm starry evening, perfectly chilled white wine, a little dip of this and a sip of that, great conversation with friends. All the best components for boat entertaining. I took my basic cheese fondu recipe and added chicken leftover from […]

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The final in my cook-once-eat-three times recipe extravaganza. If you still have some leftovers from your French Onion Grilled Cheese (recipe here) and your French Onion Pasta (recipe here), here is a way to finish off your week in style.  No leftovers you say?  Well, make some more!  In a few hours those guests will arrive and I can promise they will love you even more […]

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Happy Hour in the galley today so I prepared some wings in advance in a wonderful spicy marinade to grill in time for cocktails. I just threw together an easy side salad, chilled some beverages and with just 30 minutes of grilling we were ready to dive in… CHILI LIME CHICKEN WINGS what you will need 1/2 medium onion, roughly chopped 2 Thai chilis, chopped […]

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My love affair with puff pastry continues. I made Cheese Straws with success (for recipe simply click on image) Next came my Jalapeno Popper Pinwheels, so easy and SO tasty (simply click on image for the recipe) Here’s another easy treat along the pinwheel line for your next Happy Hour using just 3 ingredients.   Two sheets of puff pastry, with a mix of roasted […]

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Tapas is on the menu in our galley tonight. Simple, no-fuss tapas.   GARLIC ROASTED MUSHROOMS what you will need 8 oz button mushrooms 2 tbsp capers 3 garlic cloves, smashed and minced 2 tbsp olive oil 3 tbsp butter 1/2 cup fresh minced parsley 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice throwing it all together Mix mushrooms, capers, garlic and olive oil together. Spread on a […]

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Quite often on the boat appetizers amount to opening up a can of something or tearing open a box of crackers or chips or opening a jar of olives. …still, when presented in an attractive fashion, you can make even the simplest look appealing. But when time allows, provisions are available and special guests expected, it’s so much fun putting in a little extra effort. […]

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It’s Friday Galley Peeps! Time to kick back and enjoy a little post week Happy Hour. Before I retired I designated Friday as a no-cook-zone. It was the one day I didn’t have to prepare anything elaborate. I allowed myself pre-prep time but when 5:00 hit it was fill your plate with yummy things and pour those drinks. Even now we take great pleasure in […]

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BUBBLY and NIBBLES – a docktails party in the making

One of the very best parts of a boating life is the people we meet. After spending several years living in a large city and now after three seasons of boating adventures I can’t help but compare the two existances. I can walk down the street here in Montreal, pass by dozens of people and no one will speak, or offer a greeting, or sometimes […]

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Working with puff pastry isn’t something I would normally undertake in my little galley but I have been curious about homemade cheese straws.  Recipes I’ve seen make them look so simple to ‘just throw together’.  So today I gave them a try.  They are indeed simple to make.  But ‘just throw together’? Still not convinced. SWEET and SAVOURY CHEESE STRAWS what you will need 1 package […]

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