A ‘hunter/fisherman and amazing wild life photographer’ colleague of Francois
recently shared some of his hunting good fortune with us.
Deer meat is typically very lean so if over-cooked the result can be dry.
I have no particular recipe for the burgers.
just added minimal seasoning:
a healthy splash of Worchestershire sauce,
a good pinch of tarragon,
and a sizeable dollop of Dijon (has to be Maille according my Frenchman)
Gently mix together.
To offset some of the potential dryness
I filled these with cheese and caramelized onions:
Form seasoned meat into large balls.
Poke a large hole in each.
Add a 1″ cube of Blue cheese
1 tbsp of caramelized onion.
Close the hole and flatten slightly into patties.
Place on a very hot grill, ccoking each side for 2-3 minutes until juices run clear.
Add freshly ground pepper to each side.
Grill Kaiser rolls until toasted.


Spread toasted buns with mayo and/or Dijon .
Top with mushrooms sautéd with port and a good splash of Worchestershire sauce,
Slice of tomato and lettuce.
Perfect juicy burgers!
Merci beaucoup Michel!!!
C’était délicieux!!!


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