A few years ago when my husband was on a tour of duty in Afghanistan
we decided to meet part way during one of his leave periods for a little vacation.
My daughter at that time was teaching in South Korea –
which became the perfect meeting point and a chance for a family visit.
Aside from the super memories of the raw beauty of the country and the wonderful people,
the one thing that keeps popping up in my head is
It’s served with virtually everything.
Outside of every establishment, whether restaurant or domestic,
are huge earthen pots of this fermenting goodness.
I started to research it’s health benefits
Rich in vitamins and minerals it has the added benefits of its probiotic properities
(similar to that of yogurt)
…..which leads me to the reason for this post…
I was just boasting the other day that it had been ages since we’ve been sick.
Strong hardy sailors we are!
Well didn’t I develop a nasty cold after returning from our holday travels.
My immediate thought was to drown the virus in Miso and chicken soups.
Then one of our online boat friends
posted a picture of his lunch served with Kimchi
which he makes himself in pickle jars on his boat.
So I busied myself making Kimchi paste
from a recipe my daughter had shared.
This pint jar holds a mixture of dried chilis (1 cup to be exact),
garlic, ginger, apple, onion, brown sugar and sea salt
all pureed to make a firey paste.
It rests for 24 hours doing whatever it is supposed to do.
Next come the veggies:
Nappa cabbage, more garlic and ginger
scallions and carrots
and what is supposed to be Dakon radish
But since our fresh market had none I used regular radishes.
Then I added some Kimchi paste to the chopped veggies and
donned rubber gloves to ‘massage’ the paste into the mixture.
The mixture is then placed in a plastic bag (rolled to expel the air)
sealed and left to rest for 24 hours.
Then I decanted the mixture into 2 pint jars.
Now comes the soup part…
In a saucepan, I placed
2 cups of Kimchi
1 tsp sugar
5 cups water
1/2 pork tenderloin, cubed
Cover and simmer for 30 minutes
Add to this
2 cups tofu, cubed
3 or 4 baby bok choy, chopped
and simmer for another 5 minutes
When ready to serve, scoop a large spoonful of cooked rice
into bowl and top with a couple of ladles of soup
After two steamy and very spicy bowls-full I am beginning to feel so much better.
Since this is my teeny tiny boat galley recipe blog I won’t bother with a specific recipe for Kimchi.
Too much mess and effort for me to make onboard.
I will however make sure I bring a jar or two onboard for next season.
There are many recipes floating around but if any of you readers would like my recipe,
please email me and I would be happy to share.
I call it my miracle drug in a bowl.
A final parting comment:
Captain wanted me to add that his super rum grog
served last night before bed
might have played a part in my miraculous recovery.


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