Halloumi is a wonderful flavourful salty squeaky cheese

that lends itself so well to grilling.

Serve with a fresh green salad (check out my Quinoa Salad)

or whatever you have on hand in your galley.

Tonight it will be the perfect addition to a cockpit-end-of-day mezze feast….

with a little taste of this with a little sip of that…

I simply sliced the Halloumi,

dipped in a dusting of flour and spicy smoked paprika,

and grilled for a minute or two each side until a bit crispy and brown.

Be careful not to overcook as too much heat hardens protein.

Our little boat picnic included the following:



Luques and Kalamata Olives

Roasted Red Peppers

Grape Leaves

White Bean & Palm Heart Dip (link to my recipe)

Stove-Top Pita (link to my recipe)

Grilled Halloumi




Artichoke Hearts


When choosing what to serve make sure to balance the salty (Halloumi)

with some citrus (White Bean Dip)

and the sweetness of the tomatoes, carrots and peppers.

Serve with a well chilled ‘something light and sparkling’.

Welcome aboard…grab a fork…stay awhile…

…we might want to take this party indoors
because I think there is a storm brewing for tonight.



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