BUBBLY and NIBBLES – a docktails party in the making

BUBBLY and NIBBLES – a docktails party in the making

One of the very best parts of a boating life is the people we meet.

After spending several years living in a large city

and now after three seasons of boating adventures

I can’t help but compare the two existances.

I can walk down the street here in Montreal,

pass by dozens of people and no one will speak,

or offer a greeting, or sometimes not even smile.

When I first moved here from the east coast,

François took me by the hand and familiarized me with the public transit.

He cautioned: ‘Now Kathy, you can’t just say hello to everyone you meet.

The law of the jungle rules here.

Don’t look the monkey in the eye’

It’s not quite that bad but I can’t help compare with our life on the boat.

Boat people always greet other boat people.

Boat people stop to chat whether they know you or not.

Boat people always offer help if they are able.

Which brings me to the thrust of this post.


which also coincides nicely with the holiday party season.

Happy hour, cocktail parties or docktails,

it’s the same environment.

getting together with friends to share stories, experiences

and in my galley, enjoying treats…

HA!! Now this really does not look like the back-of-the-boat atmosphere.
First snow fall of the season

in Montreal.

Many more to come,

but we are all warm and cosy indoors this evening

with friends and good cheer.

For the occasion I put together some new easy appetizer recipes.
Bufflalo Chicken Meatballs with Blue Cheese Dip
(click here for the recipe)


Moroccan Roasted Carrot Hummus
(click here for the recipe)




Sweet and Savoury Bacon Wrapped Cheese Straws
(click here for the recipe)


Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Peanut Butter Treats

(click here for the recipe)

Galley Kat Notes

To make it a little simpler for you,

click on the link below to access my existing appetizer recipes.

My personal fave, R.E.D. APPETIZER

Click here to access.

In the search field to the right of each recipe

you can search by category (eg Appetizers, Poultry, Pasta etc) or individual key words.

I’m working on improving accessibility to my new site

but in the meantime I hope this gets you to where you want to go.

Cheers and happy hunting!


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